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Beautiful and Elegant Peacock Wedding Invitations

Wednesday, March 27th 2013. | Wedding Invitations

Peacock is a male animal which can be a symbol of beauty and elegance. Therefore, it is reasonable if peacock is commonly used by people as several decorations such as home, office, wedding theme, and many more. The luxurious sense of peacock may make the people interested to apply each detail that are having by the peacocks. Peacock’s extravagant tail is the main thing that may coddle our eyes. Are you one of many couples that want peacock is used as your wedding theme? Of course, an important thing like wedding invitations may be included as items which need to bring out the sense of peacock. Peacock wedding invitations is a kind of unique wedding invitations that you need to pay attention.

peacock wedding invitations

So, do you want to know a lot about peacock wedding invitations? Let’s check them out.

The first thing you need to notice about peacock wedding invitations is related to the colors used. Therefore, we also have to know the colors of peacock itself. The main colors may occur in a peacock are blue, green, tosca, gold, and orange. Sometimes, you can also find several peacocks in white or yellow. For the basic color of peacock wedding invitations, blue, green, and tosca are probably the most suitable. You can use eye-spotted feathers of peacocks as the accent. Probably, you only need to put one or two figures of peacock feathers on it or if you want, many peacock feathers can also fill or spread over almost the whole part of the wedding invitations. One thing you need to notice on your peacock wedding invitations is that if you want to spread the peacock tail details, you have to remain such space on it. The space is used to write the names of bride and groom, the date, address and some other.

peacock wedding invitations idea

If you prefer the sense of classic, gold is really beautiful for the basic color. Then, the eye-spotted accents can be put only in some parts.

peacock wedding invitations gold color

For the font, dark brown can be matched perfectly to the background. To beautify this peacock wedding invitation, you may also need to use such accents in blue, green, or tosca. The same rules can also be applied for other color backgrounds. If you choose other peacock colors as the background, such as blue, green, and tosca, gold is considered as the most suitable color for the font. Several classic types of font like Kunstler Script or Freestyle Script is really appropriate to be combined.

Of course peacock accents are must things that you should put on the peacock wedding invitations. Other parts of peacock body that can be beautifully applied are the skin, the crown, and also the tip of the tails. They can be appeared in the form of figures which are rarely spread over the almost parts of the peacock wedding invitations in different colors if they are compared with the background. Besides, it will be good also if you put ribbon to sweeten the invitations. You can make bows or flowers accents by using. Other accessories that can be used are lace, beads necklace, or narrow belt to cover them. Surely, those accessories must be formed or colored in peacock ways.

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