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Best Wedding Shoes

Thursday, September 20th 2012. | Wedding Shoes

It can be said, that for a bride, the most important of the wedding day outfit, is the wedding shoes. Of course many would disagree and say that the dress is the focal point of a bride’s wedding attire. Yes the wedding dress is the focal point, but the comfort all lies with the wedding shoes. A wedding usually last for hours, that’s including the wedding and reception. There is a lot of standing and dancing. If you have ever had to suffer long periods of time in ill-fitted wedding shoes, you can now probably understanding why picking the right wedding shoes is important.

Do not wait until the last minute to buy your wedding shoes. If you do, during that time you are desperate to find anything that will go with your dress. This in turn can result in you having sore and swollen feet. Not a good way to start the honeymoon. As soon as you decide on the dress, start shopping for wedding shoes. You can take a little time and use precautions in not only making sure that the shoes are comfortable, but they are perfect addition to your dress.

Best Wedding Shoes

Spend time thinking what type of wedding shoes you want. Do you want stilettos, slippers, open-toes? Deciding early on what style you want, will save you time when you start shopping. Also don’t forget how height heel will determine wedding dress alterations.

In regards to style, spend time looking at wedding magazines, books and websites. From there you can glean some inspiration. On the same token, do not feel that you need to follow trends. This is your special day. If you want to wear flips flops wear them. Some brides have even worn boots with their wedding dress.

Another point to consider, is where the wedding will take place. If you choose a romantic wedding on the beach, heels may not be your best choice. If you have a hard time walking in heels, look for a smaller heel that offers full support, such as a kitten heel.

If there is any time to spurge, now is it. Do it now and go designer. Wedding shoes are made with better quality, support and style. If you pick the right shoe, you can spend the whole day feeling as though you are walking on clouds. Plus after the wedding, you have a beautiful pair of shoes that you can wear for special occasions, work or wherever. If you can’t justify the cost of designer shoes, check out designer discount stores or wedding shoes depots. You can find beautifully made designer shoes at bargain rates.

Then don’t forget the custom-made option. You can guarantee that if your wedding shoes are custom-made they will be perfect. You can get a custom color, style and fit. A little pricey, but definitely worth the purchase.

Lastly don’t forget about heel inserts. There are several pads and insoles for heels. Choosing a wedding shoes that comes with non-slip and sweat-resistance can be a lifesaver.

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