Outdoor Wedding Decoration – Make It Beautiful and Elegant

Outdoor wedding decoration is one of some alternatives for you who want to feel any different sense of a wedding concept. It actually really takes a risk if we decide to conduct a wedding ceremony or reception outdoor. The uncertain weather condition is sometimes disturbing the wedding process. But if the weather is good, outdoor wedding will make the atmosphere more beautiful and cheerful. For you who want to conduct your wedding outdoor, such as in the beach or garden, here are several outdoor wedding decoration ideas for you.

Selecting an Appropriate Yard or Garden

If you are living in a house with a wide yard in the front, it will be no problem for you. But if you live in an apartment, of course you need to look for an appropriate outdoor place that is suitable to be used. Therefore, it is better if you rent a yard near your apartment or house where you can easily reach it to ease you in preparing the wedding needs. It is better also to use yard or garden which have good landscape or natural and beautiful plants on it. So, your job of adorning the outdoor wedding decoration will be lessened.

outdoor wedding decoration

Flowers for Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Flowers are one of important accents that always present on any wedding decorations. This kind of wedding decoration ideas is best beautify all decorations including outdoor wedding decorations. You can use either artificial or original flowers. They can be perfectly put on the altar, dishes table, guests table, or spread over the yard used for the wedding celebrations.

outdoor wedding decoration 2


Cloths which are fallen or simply lined are so beautiful for your wedding background. You can use shiny and gleaming cloths with colors which are suitable for the whole part of your outdoor wedding decorations. Another alternative is by using tulle which is quite cheap but it look luxurious for covering the room’s wall and ceiling. The cloths can be used as the cover of the seats and tables. Besides, you should also use them to beautify the altar.

Wedding Cake

You can use wedding cake as the center or point of your outdoor wedding decorations. You don’t need to have big wedding cake with many stacks to attract the guests. Just a simple wedding cake with a good arrangement and garnish is enough to make your guests adore it.

cake for outdoor wedding decoration

Lighting for Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Lighting is important for outdoor wedding decorations, if the celebration is held in the evening. You can use one of the colors such as white, red, blue or purple which is appropriate to your wedding theme.  Combinations of several similar colors are also good to deepen the sense of cheerful and happiness of your outdoor wedding decorations. You can change your conventional lamps with the colored lamps as you want. Colored lamps usually used for Christmas are actually not durable, but they are effective enough if you only use them for one day.

outdoor wedding decoration - lighting


Of course, candles are needed to add the sense of romantic of your outdoor wedding decorations, particularly if your wedding is held in the evening. The price of candles is really cheap but it will deepen the sense of luxurious. If the garden or yard is having a pond, you can float several of them on it.

outdoor wedding decoration - candle

Besides, if the candles are put on the table, you can also use candleholders which are made from metal or crystal that will best reflect the shine and gleam.

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