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Unique Ideas of Redneck Wedding Rings

Monday, July 8th 2013. | Wedding Rings

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Unique Ideas of Redneck Wedding Rings – The term of redneck is probably not as popular as its brother, camo. Well, it is mainly a kind of decorations or themes commonly applied for wedding or other special events. Overall, redneck and camo is rather similar as both are presenting the nuance of adventuring and even wild. The difference is probably about, since the camo is limited by the application of army uniform pattern, besides, redneck is more than that. It can be other patterns or models but overall, it must present such nuance of tramp or hobo. This article is mainly talking about the camo wedding rings and also gives you several examples that are probably inspiring you. Do you want to know more what they are? Just check them out.

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Simple Redneck Wedding Rings

A kind of redneck rings which is appropriate for you who prefer the nuance of casualty is just the simple one. It means that you just let it “like that” without having too much application of gems or probably details. Well, you can then just cover your ring with something in the theme of camo to add the redneck sense. Overall, this type of wedding rings is also made from certain jewelry materials like silver, gold, titanium and platinum. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to ask the maker to add something for adding the touch of redneck, as those materials are strong but easy to be shaped.

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Redneck Wedding Rings with Gems

If you want your ring is more likely a “real” wedding ring, therefore, all you have to do is applying such a gem, whether it is diamond and the others. Although it seems not as “wild” as the previous examples, overall, it is still being suitable for you who prefer the redneck application. It is then based on your taste, whether the gem is only put on the middle or even around the ring indeed.  Overall, the models will not be so much different with other diamond wedding rings. The main difference is placed on the camo applications or even the coarse surface cutting.

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Well, for your special day, are you interested in wearing such redneck wedding rings?

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